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Poster.Com (in preparation)

The only Film Memorabilia Collectors Site in LatinAmerica,

 wich will be one of the most important in the Web.

20.000 posters, 50.000 photos, thousands of Lobby

Cards, Press-Books, Brochures, Books and Magazines,

To which we will be adding continually.

If there is something you do not find in our

catalogue, please check with



Eduardo Orenstein, with more than 20-year experience

 in the Poster and Film Memorabilia Iinternational Sale Business,

 guarantees the quality, condition and value

of the articles you would like to purchase.







How to buy:

Prices are in U$s dollars.  As for now, payments can only be made by

Bank Deposit, Wire to Bank Account, Cash or Money

Order to the following order and address:


Oscar Eduardo Orenstein

Santa Fé 1670 loc. 20-22

(1060) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel.(5411) 4815-8531

Fax (5411) 4633-3486


In the case of Bank Deposits, check account numbers in Argentina, USA, and abroad.

The shipping expenses are per item: in Argentina,$5.- ,

International delivery is carried by UPS Express, andthe expense is $15.- per item, or,

 if by regular mail, $10.- per item.

Should you be interested in purchasing more than one item, please check with us, as normally, the expense

incurred would be the same as in a one-item shipment.

Posters on linen, being heavier, have a different shipping fee. Please consult with us on  delivery


Should you decide to purchase one or more of our articles, indicate Title and Code, and send your order

to  rayorojo@mail.pccp.com.ar







Article description:

 Items   are described according to American denominations and formats, and their size

is specified in inches (1 inch=2,54 cm).

1 Sheet: 27 x 41 (68,60 x 104 cms) standard size in America.

1 Sheet:29 x 43 (74 x 110 cms) standard size in Argentina.

Half Sheet: 22 x 28 (56 x 71 cms)

2 Sheet: 41 x 54 (104 x 137 cms)

3 Sheet: 41 x 81  (104 x 206 cms) usually two sheets which have to be joined.

6 Sheet: 81 x 81 (206 x 206 cms) usually four pages to be joined.

Lobby Card: 11 x 14 (30 x 36 cms) photo bearing title art and cast.

Foto, photo or still: 8 X 10 (20 x 25 cms)

European and Mexican posters are measured out in centimetres.



 Please do not hesitate asking us about the authenticity or state of the item you are interested in.

Contact us at rayorojo@pccp.com.ar